After the 2020 iPad Pro line was released many were upset about the fact that there was no larger, or “Max” version of the iPad Pro. I wasn’t one of these people initially, but I will say that I now feel like there is a case for one.

Today I present the iPad Pro Max, who it would be catered to, and the potential specs in this monster iPad Pro.

Why we Need the iPad Max

Before we can really get into the why for the iPad Pro Max, we should probably explain how big of a screen we are talking here. In my view, a…

As we prepare for the Spring Loaded Apple Event, a common expectation is new iPad Pros being unveiled. As an iPad Pro user I am excited to see Apple continue to support the iPad Pro after a number of Apple Products have been discontinued.

That being said, I am not one to push people to buy the new iPad just because it is the new and shiny device. I used to be that kind of person and I made dumb financial decisions to justify buying a new Apple Product. I am sure I will be excited about the new iPad…

I have been thinking a lot about Shortcuts lately thanks to a number of newsletters, podcasts, and Clubhouse chats this past week.

Regardless of why, I want to share some tips that improve the quality of life for Shortcuts and those who use it.

Look at What’s in Your Share Sheet

If you are someone who sees a litany of Shortcuts in the Share Sheet, you may want to take stock at what shortcuts are enabled for it.

Thankfully, you can tap on the Share Sheet smart folder in the Shortcuts app, and see all of the shortcuts fitting that criteria.

One thing you can do is…

Clubhouse, the hottest new social app, has been on a tear lately. I have to admit, I have been one to jump on the hype train for this new and shiny social platform. It has been both interesting and depressing for me to join chats in this app and listen to conversations with hundreds of others live.

Clubhouse is an interesting social app but it comes with a lot of problems. So many problems in fact that I decided to remove the app from my phone entirely.

Here are the main reasons I am no longer use Clubhouse and what…

As I wrote about recently I have been having trouble working out what I wanted to blog about. I knew that I wanted to write and publish online, but I just needed to be pointed into a direction that can allow me to just write.

After a conversation on and Twitter, the idea of a 30 day blogging challenge came to mind. I know this isn’t new, does microblogvember every November to encourage daily blogging. In fact, that challenge is what made me realize that this idea was possible.

What is different from microblogvember and this is we…

After some more time thinking about the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, I began looking at the cost of the phone. As I said before, I have an iPhone Forever plan with Sprint. That being said, there are still a lot of up front costs with the phone, and by my estimation it will cost me about $220-$260 up front after everything is said and done. From the cost of paying off the taxes on the phone, additional fees and “services” Sprint makes me pay for, and added accessories like a case, MagSafe charger, and more. …

I wanted to write to you about note taking apps, I had a whole plan to go over the different apps and what issues I had with them. I thought is was going to be a great post to share with you all. By the time I got it halfway written though I realized that the common denominator wasn’t a missing feature lack of Markdown support or the inability to export notes properly. No, the problem with me not finding a good note taking app was me.

Maybe this has happened to you too. You search for a great note…

Effective immediately, Tablet Habit will be free for all subscribers through October 18th, 2020.

When I launched this newsletter, I wanted to offer both a free and paid plan for the newsletter. However, I didn’t want to charge anyone until after October 18th. Sadly, the way Substack works with paid subscriptions caused some to be charged when signing up for a paid account. It has also recently disabled the ability for anyone to sign up or upgrade to a paid account. In a nutshell, I am making Tablet Habit free for all for now.

This fiasco is because I had…

After the announcement of new Widgets for iOS and the ability to have them anywhere on your home screen I immediately thought about the new possibilities for the iPad. I wanted to make the iPad home screen a mission control center of sorts. I could have a task manager widget, a Drafts widget, and others available right on the home screen for me to use when I want. Then I learned that widgets aren’t available to go everywhere on the iPad like it is on the iPhone.

I immediately thought that this was some kind of bug, surely Apple has…

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I recently sold my MacBook Pro and iPad 7 to buy the new 2020 11” iPad Pro. I also picked up the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The reason for this was because I wanted to get the best iPad I could and make it my one and only computer.

To rewind a bit, I used to use a 16” MacBook Pro for both my marketing/videography job and for personal use when I could; but when I decided to leave that line…

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